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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Two-fer Tuesday - Two digital scrapbook freebies

Yup! It's Tuesday, why not a two-fer Tuesday freebie special, both made by Susan just for you folks :) These were made from the Bittersweet Digital kit, in my Etsy shop now as well as at Artscow free for server use :) You can get the free kit HERE or purchase it HERE at my shop. (links are always on my right sidebar to get to these places too) The kit freebie at Artscow is for server use, not downloadable for those of you who wondered what "free for server use" meant :) It simply means it is free to use on their server (their site) to create things with on there. Unlike the freebies I give you direct links to on my blog here, these can be downloaded directly onto your computer to use and at Artscow they can't. Hope that makes sense, kindof like Shutterfly & Snapfish, where you create it online and then order) anyway, it's my way of showing off my kits, I give them free to use for a bit, I started creating digital kits because of Artscow, I never could find kits I liked on their site to buy to use to create my photo books, so I started designing my own kits to use, my way of giving back to everyone on that site because when you add into your kits while they are free, they still stay in your account as free even after I change them over to a paid kit, those with my kits in their arsenal while they are free never have to pay to use them EVER.

Alrighty then, for those freebies, you can snag them HERE and HERE ~ enjoy and don't forget to keep an eye out for more new kits in my shop, I loaded a TON more in there today, Christmas ones!!
EDITING: HA HA hey there folks, looks like I messed up the other day and gave you the floral bouquet instead of the floral cluster, no worries, the photos are wrong but the links still work - so sorry about that!!!

Have yourselves a great week!!