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Thursday, January 29, 2015


Welcome back everyone, glad to see you, do you like the freebie cluster frame today? This was created by Arlene and I think it's just adorable.

Yes this kit makes me happy, perfect for anniversary or birthday with all kinds of fun flowers in different colors, gemstones, bows, ribbons, tags and just plain fun!

This kit includes: 137 elements, 12 papers and custom clusters already made.

This new kit as well as others are available now at my new storefront at PLAIN DIGITAL WRAPPER as well as still in Etsy - PLUS still a free kit HERE
You can download the freebie HERE

Now, how about a preview of the upcoming newest kit we will be working on
The girls are working up some awesome freebies for you folks!

so, until next time, have a great day!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY ~ It's happy time again LOL
Today's freebie was created for you by ARLENE
Isn't it so sweet? Love it!!

This new kit as well as others are available now at my new storefront at PLAIN DIGITAL WRAPPER as well as still in Etsy - PLUS still a free kit HERE
but . . .
you didn't come here for all that - you want the freebie HA HA and you can grab that HERE

I want to thank all you loyal customers and friends for being followers and supporters!! I couldn't continue doing this if it wasn't for you all!!


Have a wonderful week everyone!


Yes this kit makes me happy, perfect for anniversary or birthday with all kinds of fun flowers in different colors, gemstones, bows, ribbons, tags and just plain fun!
This kit includes: 137 elements, 12 papers and custom clusters already made.

There we go folks, that is the bright and pretty of HAPPY HAPPY, so for your freebie that was created for you by CT ARLENE who owns BABY BEAR DIGITAL SCRAPS, you can pick that up HERE

We are in a winter wonderland of white, as far as the eye can see and it's dumping more snow on us today, so I feel it's time to look at bright and pretty spring/valentine things, how about a preview of my next kit?

I am getting all my kits converted over to the new place I will be selling from :)
It is taking me quite a bit of time as I have hundreds of kits to decide which stay and which will go, so far I think I will like the new store and if that is the case, eventually I will only be selling instant download kits in my Etsy shop, it is just too time consuming checking email every day for orders, not leaving much time for actual designing, so with that being said, stop over and see what I have already in the new store PLAIN DIGITAL WRAPPER!!!
The gals there are awesome!!


Alrighty then, you can see I have switched up some things on the right sidebar, the FREE KITS are still there, as usual those kits remain free or a couple of weeks and then I move onto new kits, also posted link to new store I am opening up :)


Saturday, January 24, 2015

Happy Time Freebies

Hello folks!! Today I have a couple of freebies for you from CT Susan, the first one is a corner cluster, second a starter page, pretty :)
These come from the newest kit HAPPY HAPPY, created for Anniversary, birthday or just whatever you want to scrap!

In this kit:
137 Elements
12 Papers
Pre-made clusters included

Remember folks, all my kits are linked on the right sidebar for purchase, along with the free kits that are there for a limited time :)

I have been lax for a bit, found out my hubby had a mild heart attack,so trust me there was so much chaos in this house I am surprised I remembered to do anything with, well, anything! He hurt his leg a couple months ago, found out later that there was a blood clot that worked it's way up to his heart!! So folks, see a doctor even if you really don't want to or think it's necessary, it could prevent something like this happening!!! (lecture to hubby!!!)

(I am also under contract in a new digital scrapbooking store YAY ME!! I will post some links and tell you all about that in an upcoming post)

Gosh, now where was I??? so many previews today I better get the freebies up before I ramble on and forget them!!
So you can download them HERE and HERE

Oh goodness, see I forgot yet again, I still have some freebies from CHRISTMAS JOY, my CT gals made them and I must get them on here, shoot it will be Valentine's Day and I will still have Christmas stuff!!

hmmmm, I don't remember if I gave you mine either? Well folks if I did before then cool, and if I didn't then here it is below HA HA ~ see I told ya, I am losing it!!

There we go, the last of CHRISTMAS JOY freebies, these adorable clusters were created for you by CT Arlene, and folks, let's not forget Arlene has her own Etsy shop as well, her link is on my right sidebar (Baby Bear Digital Scraps) stop over and check her stuff out!!!

Here we go, you can get the last of the freebies HERE and HERE and HERE

Have a wonderful weekend my friends!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Happy Happy Anniversary Freebies

Today I have for you two freebies created by SUSAN, love them!

140 Elements and 12 papers
(9 premade clusters included in kit)

perfect for birthday or anniversary or anytime really if you like flowers, this was a requested kit from Chelsea, and she loved it!! lots of pretties, jewels, tags and frames for you to play with.

Stop over to Etsy to grab the kit for yourself or go to Artscow to get the kit free for use on the server, but for sure grab up the freebies because the freebies are not included in the kit.

You can get today's downloads HERE and HERE

And I can't forget about the freebies the CT gals made for the last Christmas kit
yes it was later coming out than I had planned but alas, here we go

All links on right sidebar for my kits

These freebie cluster frames are from SUSAN and ARLENE
simply love them, these gals always do me proud!!
You can grab them HERE and HERE

See you all back here real soon!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Birthday Anniversary kit plus freebies

Yes, it's time to get away from those winter/Christmas colors for awhile, how about some fresh spring colors? This kit was created by request for a birthday/anniversary type kit with lots of flowers in various colors, I hope you like it Chelsea, thank you for the request! (if any of you folks out there have some type of kit you would like to see, please don't be shy, just ask!)

 This kit has 140 elements and 12 papers and the clusters ARE included in the kit

So how about a little freebie today from the new kit?

For today's freebie cluster you can snag that HERE and the quick page HERE

I also want to take a moment to talk about a very talented friend of mine I met years ago over at Artscow, she is also a designer but due to her husband Rich's health problems has not been designing kits so much but has started making jewelry, she has now opened up a shop at Etsy to help defray the cost of the hospital bill (which is currently over $20,000.00 that the insurance did NOT pay) so if you have a moment stop over and see Kim at Kim's Handmade Pretties and you know what folks? she does custom orders too! Such a wonderful lady!
(aren't they just too cute and so in love!!)
Stop over and peek at her shop and say hello to Kim :)
Kim also has a coupon for current use at her Etsy shop, code LBBLOGG so enter it when you get to the checkout to save 5% off your total order!!
Here is her Facebook page
Thank you everyone, I hope you have a wonderful week!

Remember, all the links to my current kits are on the right sidebar

See ya soon . . .

Friday, January 16, 2015

Frozen freebies and new kit

Here is the last freebie from Frozen Part 2 ~ Woodland Princess :)
This was created by Arlene, too cute!

Yes, it's a little behind, I have a brother-in-law who is in the hospital with double pneumonia and to make things worse he has asthma & copd (2 weeks now in hospital) they are preparing him for a trache today, he isn't doing well so prayers appreciated if you are so inclined, things have been a little crazy so I am sorry for the delay, but if you are behind like I am, perhaps you can still use a Christmas kit

75 elements and 12 papers

Keep watch for the kit freebies this weekend :)

but for now, you can snag the last freebie from WOODLAND PRINCESS HERE

and don't forget about the 50% OFF coupon for the Etsy shop, includes everything!!

Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

50% OFF at Etsy Shop

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone for a wonderful 2014 and I look forward to seeing you all in 2015 :)
Good for January 2015
All links are on right sidebar, just remember to use the coupon code when you arrive at the checkout to apply your discount!!!