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Friday, December 13, 2013

Nothing like a little spilt milk . . . errr, a gallon of white paint! oh and a freebie!

Ohhhhh joyful morning . . . I just spent an hour cleaning up a gallon of white paint from my computer room hardwood floor, thanks to a certain long haired white furry critter . . . oh no ~ I won't mention any names O^O
she sure got my attention AND FAST!!!
Believe I stood there in shock for a whole minute before my brain actually kicked in!

no, no names ~ just the guilty party 

Well, now that is all cleaned up, my daughter and I are off to Christmas shop for my grandbaby!
She was a year old in August, oh what to buy? So many things to choose from!!

I hate shopping, so this could prove interesting, but it WILL be fun, I insist that it will :)

Then all kinds of holiday treats to bake and start getting ready, I will post some recipes we like for you all later and should probably get up another freebie too!

Let me see what I have for you today . . . oh yes! How about a lovely cluster frame made for you by Susan - it's from Golden Christmas kit, available in my Etsy Shop as well as free for server use for a limited time HERE

Here is the beautiful cluster frame, you can DOWNLOAD HERE
Have yourselves a great day ~ I will be back with more goodies later . . .

Countdown to Christmas Freebie Cluster ~ 11 days to go

Countdown to Christmas Cluster Freebie ~ 11 days to go!!!