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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Freebies from Mother kit - digiscrap

Today's freebie cluster frame was created by Arlene for you :)
This is from the MOTHER kit, all kinds of fun pretty things in here

You can see all the goodies HERE as well as add to your kits free for server use for a limited time.

I will also add the blue paper freebie for you, you can pick up the freebies HERE and HERE today

Free Prints & Gifts by registering, Senior Portrait samples

I don't know about you, but I order a LOT of prints, I have had 4 seniors this year, my sister and I take the photographs and then of course we love to play with them, tweak them a little bit, for printing ~ I use Artscow, I have for years and am very pleased with them, if you are like me and have a lot of graduates this year, these could really come in handy for you as well, some pretty neat free items as well as some nicely discounted products
Stop over and register and check out all the fun free stuff they put into your account! As soon as you register you have goodies in your account. Registration is totally free!

Some of the great offers they have right now:

$0.99 Mouse pads with free international shipping, additional $3.99/each 

$0.99 Ornaments with free international shipping, additional $3.99/each

$1.99 Cosmetic bags with free international shipping, additional $4.99/each

$1.99 Photo Books with free international shipping, additional $4.99/each

$3.99 Watches with free international shipping, additional $6.99/each

$6.99 Phone covers with free international shipping, additional $9.99/each

I make my senior picture prints as well as scrapbook pages here
how cool is that! I make photo books as well as playing cards, coasters, you name it, I even made a puzzle from a senior portrait as a gift. So many creative things you can make!!

lay 4 up on a 5x7 print to make perfect wallet sizes

B&W is very "in" with the seniors this year here

my youngest son

We had a blast this year taking photos of all the seniors in the family!
We took a LOT down at the family pond, the boys all had a blast!

shake it up a bit, if there is something interesting, get them in a good shot or ON IT!

best friends for eons! (I put a fake spider on the one fella's mother during this shoot, this was the reaction when she realized it)

my nephews :), the above photo we turned into his graduation party announcement and had it printed as 5x7 prints, purchase envelopes at your local Best Buy, Staples, Office Max or even Walmart store

BE CREATIVE!! Make them something they will enjoy passing out, let them help in the design process :)

you can use edge overlays to create awesome effects on photos

We even add their photographs to masks, one guy loves paintball, so we used a nice "splat" for one of his photos

Shake things up a bit, make their portraits original to them :)

and if you have to, personalize it!
now don't do this unless you are on your own property or have the owners permission LOL or you may land in some hot water!!

Into scrapbooking? Make cool layouts that cater to their interests
You may remember these guys from a previous post, 

I hope I have inspired your creativity today, go out and take some gorgeous photos and do some amazing things with them today!!
and remember, if you are interested in some free goodies