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Monday, November 11, 2013

Artscow Goodness a place for your print needs

Artscow? What a name right? Well I don't know how you folks print your digital scrapbook pages, but for me - since I don't have a printer large enough for the 12x12 pages, I order out, and for me that place is Artscow, where I can create nearly anything imaginable from my computer, there you use Silverlight Designer to design your page (or t-shirts, greeting cards, camera cases, phone cases, wall art, pillows, blankets, canvas, posters, calendars, ornaments, playing cards, puzzles, watches, dog tags, umbrellas, clocks, keychains, buttons, coin purses, totes, cookbooks door mats, aprons), well you name it you can create it there! The list just goes on and on and on . . . OR you can create it on your computer and upload it directly.

I have over the years made sooo many gifts for my family and friends here, and I just love it, and so do the folks who get it. For my daughter Cheyenne's graduation last year, we totally created and had printed all of her senior photos, graduation announcements, playing cards with her senior photos on them & photo books! Everyone loved them. Here you can see one of the smaller photo books we made, just a simple book with her photos that my sister and I took of her, photo book: Chey senior photo book and here are the playing cards I will be doing the same stuff yet again this year for my son Dakota, the last in my nest to flutter free from school :) Ahhhhh alas! you have figured me out, my name for my creativity, all my designing, yes indeed, was created with my children in mind ;) So each time that I am creating a kit for you folks I think of my children.

So I wanted to share with you what a person may find free there (besides my scrapbook kits!) once you register with an email, you will find in your account free credits and discounts they have offered up to you, it's simple, fast and totally free to create an account, just visit Artscow and check it out :) and while you are there, don't forget to grab up my digital scrapbook kits that I have free on there, right now there are several listed including Autumn Apples, (just add to your kits!) so run over there and get creating things for Christmas gifts!! Artscow and my digital scrapbook kits
Have yourselves a creative kind of day!!

Autumn Apples Digital Scrapbook Freebie

Happy Monday everyone, I didn't make it back on this weekend to load the goodies as I started a project of cleaning and re-painting my bathroom and time just got away from me!

So, today I show you the Autumn Apples Bundled Kit, on sale now in Etsy shop for $17.99
This is a BUNDLED KIT, it will include Elements, Paper, Frames, Clusters, Quikpages. 
107 elements - 24 papers - 11 frames - 33 clusters - 2 quikpages

Autumn Apples at Etsy on sale now - run over and check it out, I sell it as a kit as well as individual pieces parts in case you only need elements or perhaps the papers, TONS of clusters for sale from this kit too - all available at Etsy (links in right sidebar).

Also this kit will be free for a limited time for server use by adding to your kits here:Artscow Autumn Apples Freebie Digital scrapbook kit

and now . . . since who doesn't love a freebie? Here is yet another freebie from Autumn Apples for ya!
You can snatch that up HERE 
I hope you all have a great week, I will be back with more goodies!

Until next time . . .