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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Countdown to Christmas

I had planned on giving all you wonderful followers COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS CLUSTERS earlier than this, but  . . .

I had good intentions of having files completed and ready for you folks by November 30th, but unfortunately did NOT get the zip files uploaded in time, I was delayed with Thanksgiving and family and cooking and well . . . time just got away from me, but no worries, better late than never right? So tonight I will start with catching up what I should have had on here already!

I had all these gorgeous clusters created but hadn't had the opportunity to upload the zip files - finally got that done, so tonight we start the download fun ~ Countdown to Christmas tonight you will get a "few" of them! Then they will be a daily download until they are done! So without yappin further, to start getting these clusters,

That's right folks, today we have ONLY 20 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!!!!
Are you ready????

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Lastly for tonight, want to direct Artscow users to my freebies that are only available until Saturday the 7th, after that they go to paid kits, you can add to your kits HERE

Night everyone :0)