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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Autumn Apples Digital Scrapbook Freebie Cluster

Hello everyone! Since I knew I would be busy this weekend finishing up the greenhouse we are putting the cover on, I wanted to set this to run for you while I am away :) Today you get a freebie cluster from Autumn Apples, kit now in Etsy shop ~ Autumn Apples at Etsy

Another spot you can get freebies would be over at Artscow, I have a couple kits that are free for server use right now, just add to your kits, you can also see everything that is included in the kit for sale on Etsy by looking at Artscow ~ Autumn Apples freebie kit makes it kind of nice to see what all is in the kit, because sometimes the previews just can't show it all.

Alright, what you have been waiting for, here ya go - DOWNLOAD FREEBIE CLUSTER HERE

Enjoy your weekend, be safe...