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Thursday, April 17, 2014

It's a Guy Thing Freebies

So ok, let's talk turkey ~ oh wait, wrong holiday, how about HAM, yes I think these boys are hams!
We started out taking senior photos for family members and I realized I didn't really have an all boy kind of kit that would suit, so that brings us to ITS A GUY THING

As you can see, these boys have been best friends for a LONG time and through a marriage of an aunt and uncle of the boys, they are now related! How cool is that!
These boys are so much alike it's scary, BUT they also have some different interests, like one loves his mustang, the other isn't as into cars and would rather be fishing, so I created a "general" guy thing kit, it's not specific to cars or fishing, the fishing elements I used from another of my kits for the page and you will not find them in ITS A GUY THING
This kit is very versatile ~ use for gals too
So here is my first freebie quick page for you today
and the second, you can download them HERE and HERE

I just wanted to show off how versatile the kit can be with the quick pages and show you that you can get alot of photos onto one 12x12 scrapbook page or you can focus on one particular photograph
You can pick up the kit in my Etsy Shop for download or you can add the kit to your kits, free for server use at Artscow


  1. THANK YOU ;~} for the awesome QP`s

  2. Fantastic QPs. Thanks very much! :)