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Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Easter freebie time again!

Today I thought I would give you a little freebie I made of my granddaughter, I couldn't resist making for you all too :) this is from the EASTER kit.
Is she just not totally adorable!!!???
of course I left the words off for the big wide world web LOL
and I made a blank one for you folks, above was just an example how I used it to stir your imagination
You can insert your little darling in there and do what you will with the other blank area on the page.
For the freebie quick page, you can get that HERE

. . .  and then after the fact I thought of the little darling boys too, so . . . since the outfits are NOT included in the kit
How about a little costume you can use, made for boy and girl and you can get them both here as freebies to insert your special little bunny
download BOY or GIRL
You can pick up the kit in my Etsy Shop for download or you can add the kit to your kits, free for server use at Artscow


  1. So cute I bet you`re having all kinds of fun with that lil bunny..THANK YOU ;~}

  2. Your granddaughter is adorable! Thanks for these cute freebies. Much appreciated. :)