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Sunday, February 9, 2014

POTTING SHED FREEBIE & New Instant Downloads

WOW!! Check out this freebie today for you by Susan, I love this one! Created from The Potting Shed kit, available free for server use HERE for a limited time, also in my shop :)

You can get your DOWNLOAD HERE

I have been revamping my Etsy shop, getting rid of the oldies, making way for the new kits and reworking some of the kits that are available by changing them to INSTANT DOWNLOADS, some are too large for that, but the ones that I can make into instant downloads, I have been redoing a little at a time, I find this feature pretty awesome! It allows me to just get it into the shop and quit worrying over it!! I have some kits that are too large obviously to use this feature as they only allow 100 MB kits to be instantly downloaded, but all that I can I will be changing over, I wish they would change their rules on size limits, maybe in the future they will . . . actually, they already have, when they first offered the instant download option, they only allowed 20 MB instant downloads, so see, there is that chance!

So what are you getting into today? I am playing "catch up" today, we had a lovely birthday party yesterday for my SIL and had a grand time, but now it's back to work for me.

I DO read my comments, if there are things you'd like to see, drop me a note and let me know, I have been trying to get all the emails answered a little at a time with your questions, but don't hesitate to comment here on the blog either, it may remind someone of something they have had questions on :)

Have a Happy Sunday everyone!!

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