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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Masks vs. Masks with overlays . . .

How many of you out there love masks like I do? I get questions on mask use quite often here so thought I would share today with you a simple method to make yourself a mask FROM items in your digital kits to coordinate WITH your kits.
There are sooo many masks out there, how do you use yours? Do you use the mask alone?

Or do you create an overlay for over your photo that you have masked?

I have been experimenting with different kinds of masks to come up with something to post here as an example, there are fancy swirly ones, and there are simple ones, by simple I mean I have simply taken the potting shed and lattice from my Potting Shed kit, added some of the ivy and merged it down into a mask, pretty simple, (here I have changed the color to black for viewing purposes, but it is not necessary to have a mask in black!!) but then add your photo and then add some goodies over the top of it and it just seems to "pop" a bit more, yes I know this is a rather crude example, but wanted to explain for someone and this seemed like the easiest way, hope this helps you out Sierra!! Any more questions, feel free to email me :)

I will try to do a little more like this on occasion, to answer some of the emails I get here, If you have questions on how something is done, give me a shout and I will see what I can do!!

Have a great weekend everyone :)

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