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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Freebie Digital Scrapbook QP

Hello everyone, sorry so long in between posts this time around, I was down sick for a few days :( UGH! not feeling the best but wanted to get you a free QP made from my New Beginnings kit before I move onto a new kit, above you can see the page I made of my daughter, I have been working on her senior photos and having such fun too! I have made a few of her pages lately with the faded photo in the background, she likes these and since these are to be in her book I am trying to make them to please her :) - My sister took these photos at our local park, doesn't she do an amazing job!! Thanks April :)  ...So to get the free kit for server use here for a very limited time GET FREE KIT and go here please for the QP freebie DOWNLOAD QP

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