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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring Awakening Freebies

contains 94 elements & 12 papers

All kinds of fun things you can create with this newest kit in my shops!

The freebies today were created by Susan, you can get them HERE and HERE

The free for server use kits also have been updated HERE

I have been super busy so my posts will be hit and miss on when I get them posted! Gardens and greenhouses keep me pretty busy this time of year :)

We start everything inside on heat and under lights

When they are big enough they get transplanted into bigger cell packs or small pots and this year, we are going to grow some directly in raised beds in the new greenhouse we just finished setting up, I want to be able to can my produce early this year, well some of it anyway!

yes, it was pretty bare at first but it's sure filling in fast now!

So there ya go folks, if you wonder where I am, guess no more, I am playing in the dirt!!


  1. Beautiful Kit, Thank you for sharing your talent!

  2. Thank you for these fun frames! I love your new kit! Your greenhouse plants look amazing! What a wonderful way to grow them! Have fun!

  3. Dear, Dear, Lady, I am soo jealous of your greenhouses!! I can only wish my boys would build me one some day. I am late getting my seeds started but it's only April in Maine so I can't even think of planting until May 31st, we have a short growing season. You are so lucky to have so much room to work in. Enjoy and think of those who are envious of you, lol.

  4. Wow, looks like a fantastic green house and I know you will enjoy all the fruits (and vegetables) of your labor of love. Wish I had the room for one, but I don't....Thanks for sharing your photos and thank Susan for the lovely clusters too! Hugs, Mat

  5. Hello and Thank you for these Spring downloads. It looks like you would be kept very busy with your plantings Laurrie...