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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Love Freebie and Etsy coupon information

Here is the last freebie I have for you from this kit, it's time to move on to the new and exciting newly released kit OUR LOVE STORY

But first, I wanted to explain to folks who may not know that when I have coupons for my Etsy shop

I display the information at the top message area in my shop announcements, so if you wonder if I have a coupon that is current, this is where you check because I do NOT list on blog each post :)

The reason I do this at Etsy is because it's not setup for sellers the way other scrapbook stores are, where I can list, lets say 30% off for a certain amount of time, so this just saves me from going in and completely changing out the prices each time I want to have a sale at Etsy. So folks that is where you find the current coupon codes at my Etsy shop

NOW my store at Plain Digital Wrapper is different, over there I can go in and set a sale price for certain dates, then it reverts back to it's normal pricing when I command it to LOL, and speaking of my new store, there is a new sale starting there that is storewide, stop over and check it all out this weekend if you have time to browse tons of lovely items. You can find my store HERE

Ok I think that about wraps it up for today, oh no, WAIT!!! The freebie for today, yep, I almost forgot to get that here for you, you can download my cluster HERE

Ok folks, see you in a bit with more fun stuff!!
Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Weekend filled with lots of LOVE!!