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Monday, December 22, 2014

Frozen Snow Queen freebies

Today I give you the first freebie from the Frozen Snow Queen series, I hope you like it, much requested color scheme this winter, and some of the freebies I have seen from CT Susan that are coming in awaiting their debut are gorgeous!!

SNOW QUEEN consists of 53 elements, an alphabet and 23 papers

Such a delightful kit to put together, hope everyone enjoys it and I can't wait to release it's counterpart WOODLAND PRINCESS :)

Now my Etsy shop is still on Vacation until January 5th, I will continue with freebies here on the blog and on my Facebook page but the shop won't take any orders until I return. Also, the free for server use kits are still up and available by navigating the right sidebar.

Today's freebie from me to you, you can download HERE