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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Coming Soon . . . Make your own Recipe Book

Introducing Make your own Recipe Book ~ a recipe/cookbook kit that I was inspired to create when a lovely gal from Italy asked me for help in creating a cookbook kit for her and her students, yes she is a teacher and this was a class project for her and students ~ Make your own Recipe Book

this kit includes 22 pre-made pages (including 2 covers to choose from) as well as divider pages, recipe sections, recipe pages and blank pages

This was such a fun kit to put together for her that I decided why not share with everyone, perhaps this is the inspiration you need to create your own family recipe book. Chiara's cookbook is called "Seasons on the plate" in which we translated for her the font I chose was KG Ten Thousand Reasons Alt because it looked like "chalk" on a chalkboard

I created a couple of versions for her to choose from

If this recipe/cookbook kit interests you, stop on over this weekend to my Etsy Shop and pick it up ~ it's loaded with 22 pre-made pages as well as all the elements needed to create your own (91 elements & clusters, 13 papers)

(sample of Spring/Primavera main section page, divider page with page numbers, recipe page and blank page)

This will be something I will put together for my family for Christmas presents this year!!!

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