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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Potting Shed Mask & Rose Cluster Freebie

It's mask Monday LOL, ok well it's really Tuesday but oh well, wanted to share it before I filed it away!
Here is the finished mask with the overlay

Ok folks, when I was previewing the Potting Shed kit, I showed you a mask and overlay for the mask, but I never made it for you (or should I say I never posted it for you) - don't ask me why, it just slipped my mind, so I wanted to share it with you here today before I file it away and forget all about it!

When I do my masks, I like to try and make overlays for the masks, below you can see how it fits over the mask and your photo

The Potting Shed is available in my Etsy shop, links on right sidebar, and there are still a few free kits for server use as well listed, so with that said, you can sneak HERE and grab the mask and overlay for the mask

Have a great week my friends, I am working on redoing my backsplash and spring cleaning in the kitchen, and it's snowing here again!! Come on spring!!


  1. This is so gorgeous, thanks....I've added your site to my blog with a link back to here for when I use any of your freebies or kits I have purchased. Thanks so much for all you share with us...Hugs!!

  2. Thank you Maryanne for the linkback :) I hope you enjoy the new kits!!

  3. Lovely, thank you very much. :)