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Monday, January 13, 2014

Winter Memories Blog Header Freebie Cluster

Well Merry Monday to you all, I got to thinking while changing out my header (you may notice I try to do this for each kit I showcase) I decided why not share them with you!!! Brilliant moment HA HA 

For those of you folks who want to make your own headers, I will also share with you the sizes I use for creating my headers you see at the top of my page here, it's simple really, when creating a new file, make your settings like this:
This is just the standard sizes I use, basic and simple, you can make anything you want - add artwork and fancy it up to your liking, this is just for the header since I don't use a background on my blog, I think it distracts too much with all the different colors from different kits, so I leave mine plain, then save it as PNG file if you haven't used a background paper or color, for mine it's just a plain transparent background.

Then when you are ready to add it to your blog, you go to upper right hand corner and click on DESIGN section on your blog, then to the left side of the page and hit LAYOUT then EDIT your header, this is what you would choose to replace the header with one you have completely made, notice you choose INSTEAD OF TITLE AND DESCRIPTION
There, see how easy that was, just the standard template that you can then change out to fit your needs for here on the blog, I will also share a template for Facebook Headers, since I try to coordinate mine to match the kits :)
That's later, but for now ~ here is your freebie for today from Winter Memories, Hope you can use it ~ you can pick it up HERE
Any questions, my email is on right sidebar

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