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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Spring Song Freebie Clusters

Well folks today I have some more goodies from Spring Song, a kit that is in my Etsy shop HERE, perfect for those springtime photos or any other occasion, stop by and check it out! Today's freebie comes from CT Susan - a beautiful cluster frame! Hope you like it, I am behind on the freebies because I just haven't felt the greatest and have been working rather strange shifts at work, but hope to be back on track with the goodies for you folks :) Have a wonderful Sunday my friends!

EDITED 3-8-2013 MY GOODNESS FOLKS, I JUST REALIZED I DID NOT GIVE YOU THE LINK FOR SUSAN'S FREEBIE CLUSTER - MY BAD!! SO SORRY!!, you can pick up the freebie cluster HERE - better late than never I suppose :( ~ sorry Susan!!